Premium Teeth Whitening Starter Package from Whiter Image


This advanced, easy to use system provides outstanding results. This complete package includes everything you need to start offering the finest teeth whitening services.

Package Includes:
1 - State-of-the-Art LED Whitening Light
24 - Premium Prefilled Mouthpiece Whitening Kits
12 - toGO Whitening Pens
50 - Tri-Fold Client Brochures

LED Whitening Light is compact and sturdy with a steel rolling base for mobility. Easy to reach timer is located directly on the light head. 3 high performance LED lights with narrow wavelength technology are arranged to ensure target focus of light.

The prefilled Mouthpiece Kits are easy to use and packaged in a beautiful, compact glossy box for display. Each kit includes a mouth tray already prefilled with advanced whitening solution in a paste format vacuum sealed in a foil pouch to ensure freshness and stability. The whitening solution includes hydrators designed for sensitive teeth.

Whitening on the go: toGO Whitening Pen with accelerator gel for the quickest, whitest smile post-treatment. Refreshing mint flavored gel with hydrators and desensitizers designed for sensitive teeth. Gel dries quickly to ensure maximum coverage.


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