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A Background of Spa Capsules and Their Use Remember when Steam and Sauna rooms were the mainstays of a health club, before health spas came to the fore? These were, and still are today, a simple and effective way to promote health and wellness by applying moist and dry heat to purge the body of toxins. With the advent of health spas, sophisticated Body Treatments have become a popular way to condition the skin and promote overall body health. Applying seaweeds, muds, and other specialized treatment products to the body along with a body wrap to generate heat, will not only purge toxins from the body but also infuse vitamins and minerals from the treatment products. As European style spa treatments were adopted in this country, the Vichy Shower became an effective platform for offering body treatments. This provided an effective way to rinse off treatment products, saving the client a chilly trip to the shower. One European maker of body treatment products envisioned a way to improve the beneficial results from their products: a private chamber designed to enclose and heat the body while much more comfortable that the body wrap. They had this idea developed and Voila! the Spa Capsule was born. Initially a simple device that enclosed a Wet Table and provided Steam heat to replace the need for a wrap, the Spa Capsule has continued to evolve and become more sophisticated. The ultimate result of this evolution is a new line of Multi-Sensory Spa Capsules from Sybaritic, Inc., a world class manufacturer of equipment for spa and medical applications. Sybaritic has been developing and enhancing spa capsules for two decades, and has placed over 20,000 capsules in spas and clinics world-wide. In addition to providing a private environment for body treatments, these Multi-Sensory Spa Capsules offer a wide range of water therapy functions to enhance and expand the range of services offered. A spa can also develop their own signature treatment combining different functions into a stored treatment program developed by the spa. The Dermalife Spa-Jet and Oceana models offer all the functions described above in a single enclosure, as well additional functions to enhance the experience: • Moist Steam heat • Dry Sauna heat • Vichy Shower • Chromatherapy • Aromatherapy • Vibrating Treatment Bed • Pre-set programs combining the functions above in varying sequences for a comprehensive, repeatable treatment • Music from the waterproof speaker inside the capsule • Video Display from an attached DVD player The Oceana model further extends the water therapy functions to include a full-featured Hydrotherapy Tub, complete with Hand Jet for underwater massage treatments. The Dermalife Feng Shui model is a lower-priced version that omits the water therapy, so does it not require any plumbing. This unit provides: • Moist Steam heat • Dry Sauna heat • Aromatherapy • Chromatherapy • Vibrating Treatment Bed • Music from the waterproof speaker inside the capsule • Video Display from an attached DVD player • Pre-set programs that combine the functions above in varying sequences for a comprehensive, repeatable treatment Regardless of the model chosen, these capsules are versatile units that offer substantial benefits to both the client and the spa owner: Clients appreciate the warmth and privacy of an enclosure, rather than being exposed as with a normal Vichy Shower. Spa owners appreciate the cost savings from a single piece of equipment that can act as a wet table, Vichy Shower, steam and sauna facilities, and hydrotherapy tub. They benefit from a flexible treatment room that is used for multiple services, helping to assure a high level of utilization. For more information, please fill out this simple form: