Pedicute Portable Footspa from Continuum


The Pedicute has an adjustable, contoured footrest that supports the entire leg and positions the feet perfectly for a pedicure. A removable tub with disposable liners provides a safe and sanitary pedicure. An adjustable vibrating aqua massage with heat ensures soothing comfort and relaxation.

Designed and manufactured to offer many years of trouble free service, the Pedicute features a strong all steel frame, genuine cherry wood veneers protected with a durable acetone resistant finish and industrial grade easy glide casters. Invigorating and relaxing, the Pedicute is equipped with 3 levels of vibration and heat for a full pedicure experience.

Comfortable Foot Support - A patent pending adjustable footrest that supports the entire leg together with contoured foot pads on either side, all designed to position the feet perfectly for a pedicure. The three footrests are extremely durable and acetone resistant.

No Plumbing or Installation - The removable tub means no hoses, no pumps, and no connections needed. Instead it is truly portable and hassle free. The lightweight removable tub holds 1 to 1.5 gallons of water and is easily filled at any sink.

Disposable Liner - This single-use liner is completely sanitary as well as convenient, a worry-free alternative to hard to clean footspas. Now you can spend less time cleaning and more time pleasing clientele. 5 Liners included with purchase, order additional liners below.


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