Professional Facial Techniques for Sun-Damaged and Dehydrated Skin


In the fast paced life of today, your clients don't always have time to protect their skin. In this DVD, Eva Mileski, a licensed esthetician, combats two of the most common enemies of your clients' skin, sun damage and dehydration. The first section addresses the scorching effects of the sun on your clients' face and how a Vitamin C facial counteracts them. The second section demonstrates how a hydrating layered facial with a modeling mask can make dehydration turn its tail and run. This video includes step-by-step instructions on how to perform two complete facials and includes an extensive facial massage, hot towel wrap, a section on using sponges, using a steamer, applying ampules, creams, moisturizers, masks and serums. Eva also explains which products to use in each facial and why you should use them. By watching this video and adding these facials to your arsenal, you will be able to help your clients win the war against sun-damage and dehydration. (85 minutes)


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