Dry Room Treatments: Wraps, Vol. 2


DVD: Body wraps are the quintessential spa treatments featured on spa marketing materials…as well as define the spa experience. In this DVD, Malinda McHenry demonstrates how to provide linen wraps and body wraps with mud. Mud, high in vitamins and minerals, is highly therapeutic, and thermal wraps help in the vasodilation and penetration of those elements. Linen wraps, saturated with herbs, are a relaxing, detoxifying aromatic heat treatment. Malinda demonstrates how to provide 3 treatments: a thermal clay modeling mask, a back mud treatment, and an herbal linen wrap. She covers all the steps from preparation to the finishing touches that your clients will love. Includes room and table set-up, supplies, available product types, client preparation, and benefits and contraindications. (1 Hr. 20 Mins.)


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