Spa Oceana 2G from Sybaritic


This top of the line spa capsule includes a full-featured hydrotherapy tub in addition to the wide range of body treatments and other water therapy functions you can offer with privacy and comfort. It includes:

• Vichy Shower
• Steam
• Sauna
• Aromatherapy
• Chromatherapy
• Vitamin/Mineral Mist
• Hot/Cold Contrast Therapy
• Vibratory Bed
• Massaging Foot Spray
• Music (waterproof speaker inside capsule)
• Video Display (attach your DVD player directly to the unit)
• 10 Pre-set programs combine above functions into comprehensive treatments
• Hydrotherapy Tub with 22 massaging hydrojets
• Hand Jet for underwater massage
• 4 pre-set hydrojet programs

The Vichy Shower system features 10 adjustable over body showerheads, a thermostatic mixing valve for constant comfortable temperature, and a personal hand-held shower. Alternating hot and cold water programs allow contrast therapy treatments.

The exclusive Hydrofusion functions provide Steam for moist heat as well as a Sauna experience with radiant heat that penetrates deep into the body plus dry warm air circulated by 3 turbo fans. These functions can be turned on separately or combined for different treatment possibilities.

Aromatherapy is provided with a system that allows your choice of essential oils or herbs to be diffused throughout the system.

Chromatherapy is included with a state-of-the-art digital lighting system and color light stations that illuminate the translucent pebble-grain shell of the capsule to a pleasing glow. Pre-set programs with selected colors allowing you to match the service being offered.

A light Mist is dispersed over the body at the touch of a button, which can be enhanced by adding vitamins and minerals to provide the benefits of mineral springs.

The Vibrating Massage Bed has two motors to provide continuous and/or pulsating vibratory back massage. On the Oceana, this massage bed is on a removable platform above the tub.

The Foot Spray consists of dedicated massaging jets that spray water gently over the feet.

For accompanying Music, the capsule includes a 150 watt waterproof speaker that can be easily connected to any audio source, such as stereo, Apple IPOD, or other MP3 player.

To add more to this multi-sensory experience, connect the built-in Video Display to your DVD player.

Below the capsule is a full-featured Hydrotherapy Tub with 22 hydro jets; 8 jets for the back, 8 for the sides, and 4 for the feet. It features a personal underwater handheld massage jet, and Chromatherapy lights inside the tub. Pre-set programs are included for 4 different therapeutic treatments.

The capsule is equipped with 10 Pre-set Treatment Programs, each available at the press of a button. They include different combinations of temperature, vibration, shower, etc. all turning on and off in timed intervals to produce the desired effect. You can also define your own custom program to include different functions as desired, so you can offer a signature treatment unique to your spa.

In addition to the body treatments you can perform in the capsule, it also supports a wide array of add-on treatments, including facials and other services you might offer in combination. A self-cleaning cycle is provided to save time and insure hygienic operation.

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