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Whether it is called a Pedicure Station or Pedicure Chair, this equipment is far more than just a chair.  The water basin with varying features, options and plumbing requirements; the pumps and water jets for circulating water - either piped or pipeless; the retractable footrests; and the special arms for offering concurrent manicure treatments are all important components with their own advanced technology.

Because of their wide usage throughout the industry, pedicure stations are available in a wide range of features, construction quality, and price.  SpaEquip offers the full range of pedicure equipment - from low end imported units, to better quality midrange pedicure chairs, to top brand names offering the highest quality construction and warranty support.

SpaEquip offers a wide range of pedicure equipment, from simple and economical to high-end models, including all the top brand names offering the highest quality construction and warranty support.

As a result of several outbreaks around the country where clients were infected by pedicure treatments, proper disinfection of the pedicure basin between clients is getting more attention.  Spas now realize they might be fostering a health risk, be subject to lawsuits, or not meet increasingly stringent government requirements unless they provide proper hygiene.  All pedicure stations and standalone pedicure basins offered by SpaEquip have a disinfection system built in.  The differences are in the construction of the pedi basins, how the water is circulated around the client’s feet, and what needs to be disinfected between clients.

The key here is the pedicure technician must make sure the basin is disinfected between clients, or all the technology utilized by the equipment is a moot point.  So one factor you want to consider in selecting a pedicure chair system is what the pedicure technician has to do to provide proper disinfection between clients.

A recent trend has been to eliminate the main source of stagnant water that can harbor infectious bacteria, which is the piping used to recirculate the water inside the basin.  This pipeless technology uses self-contained pump/water jet assemblies that eliminate the pipes used to recirculate water.  The water jets can be removed and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by hand or in a dishwasher, insuring complete safety for your clients.

Sanijet has been the leader in developing pipeless technology for all types of water therapy treatments, including pedicures.  Their patented self-contained water jet units are highly regarded.

Many other manufacturers have since followed suit, including European Touch with their Clean Touch PipeFree Technology, and several others. SpaEquip offers a wide selection of piped and pipeless models.

Pedicure chairs available from SpaEquip (click individual items for links):

Clean Spa Technologies:
Rainbow pedicure chair

European Touch:
Rinato Pedicure chair
Altera pedicure chair
Forte pedicure chair
Petite Portable pedicure chair

Biarritz Pedi Pipeless pedicure chair

Maiden Spa:
Maiden Spa pedicure chair

Pipeless® Mirai pedicure chair
Organic Pipeless® Mirai pedicure chair
Pipeless® Reflexology Basin

SpaEquip (click individual items for links):
Custom bench pedicure stations
Drop-in self-cleaning basin, Style I
Drop-in self-cleaning basin, Style II
Slimline drop-in self-cleaning basin

Golden Touch Universal (combination pedicure chair and spa table)



There are many imported, inexpensive tables on the market that look acceptable but are not built to last, as compared to much more durable, furniture-quality stations that will incur a larger initial investment. The quality of workmanship and materials varies throughout, from solid wood vs. particle board, to the drawer glide mechanism, to the quality and look of the finish. More discerning spa clients will notice and appreciate the difference, and spa owners will have a station that works properly and lasts for many years, and will not have to be replaced continually.

Manicure stations available from SpaEquip
(click titles for links):

Avon manicure station
Bradford manicure station
Bradford Deluxe manicure station
Burlingame manicure station
Cambridge manicure station
Hampshire manicure station
Helena manicure station
Lexington manicure station
Stratford manicure station
QSE Petite manicure station

Dena Meri:
Boomerang manicure station
Futura manicure station
Mani Roll-Ex manicure station
Mani-Go Portable manicure station
Nico Plus manicure station
Woody manicure station

Custom designs are available through our spa and salon Design Center. Many spas have a need for specific designs, styles, shapes or sizes that are not available through standard manufacturers. Our Design Center has worked with many architects and interior designers over the years, to create custom designs that fit their clients’ requirements. We have at our disposal, all the components from leading manufacturers to create the perfect manicure station for your spa.


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