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Herb Tower Steamer/Mag Lamp Combo                    
One of our most versatile facial equipment items, this unit combines two industry-leading components: an efficient and fully-adjustable steamer and a precision oversized 5 diopter mag lamp. The Ionto Herb Tower steamer heats to steam in 5 minutes and steams for up to 45 minutes. With a fully-adjustable arm and adjustable flow of steam, it uses tap water and offers electronic protection against over-heating/foaming. The Circus 5 diopter magnifying lamp features a patented, highly flexible self-balancing arm provides superior positioning and durability and no distortion over entire viewing area. Versatility and reliability in facial equipment is a must, and this unit offers multiple uses within a small footprint, saving space in your spa. 
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  spa facial equipment  

Circus Magnifying Lamp - 3.5 Diopter from Luxo   
Every facial skin analysis requires precision optical equipment, and this mag lamp from Kosmet delivers. The 6.5 inch diameter, crystal clear 3.5 diopter lens has no distortion over entire facial viewing area. Patented highly flexible self-balancing arm provides superior positioning and durability. This equipment has been tested to over 140,000 cycles in all directions. Super bright for you, the low-heat fluorescent bulb makes the facial analysis portion of the spa treatment more comfortable for the client. One of our best-selling items. Click here for details.

  spa facial equipment  


Maiden Spa Pedicure Chair   
Our customers love this pedicure chair. The Maiden Spa features a pipeless spa basin and an upgraded, ultra-comfortable plush foam client chair. This pedicure chair has a six motor, three zone vibration massager with heat for the lower back, and welded steel frame construction with manual recline, swivel and slide functions. Pedicure basin features two pipeless dual direction GeniJet motors with adjustable air control, placed for maximum massage action on heels and toes. A beautiful, reliable pedicure chair for an affordable price. Click here for details.

  pedicure chairs  

The Maestro Pedicure Chair from Continuum Footspas  
The new Maestro Pedicure Chair is a high-end spa guaranteed to satisfy the most discriminating clientele. From the handcrafted basin to the curved cherry wood veneers, The Maestro is quite literally a work of art. .This pedicure chair features rich cherry wood specially treated with a durable industrial-grade finish, which ensures the cherry wood veneer will retain its full color and characteristics for years. Pivoting leg supports, a solid surface pedicure basin, a whisper-quiet NoPipe™ Jet System, 2 removable foot massage rollers, and complete electronic control of the chair and basin fill functions make this the ultimate chair for the ultimate pedicure. The chair has a heated, vibrating, 180-degree swivel seat with a low profile for easy entry. The Maestro is truly the Rolls Royce of pedicure chairs - indulge your clients! Click here for details.

  pedicure chair  

Lenox Shiatsu Pedicure Chair  
This pedicure spa combines the effectiveness of a pipeless whirlpool with the beauty of a glass bowl. The pedicure basin is fully equipped with faucet, sprayer, footrest and drain assembly. The efficient Magna-jet pipeless jet system is quiet, durable and easy to clean. The unique base design is quality constructed and provides easy access for clients and round front for technician comfort. The Shiatsu massage chair, elegantly crafted with Cherry wood arms is incredibly comfortable and quiet. Versatile flip-out manicure side trays are included. Arms swing up and down to provide clients with effortless in and out. The chair cushion is optionally available with fully upholstered arms and 2 motor heat/massage. Click here for details.

  pedicure chair  


One Portable Massage Table Package from Oakworks  
For offering a massage at any site, the One Portable Massage Table is a cost-effective answer for portability.  This imported massage table is built according to strict Oakworks quality standards. It is designed to be strong, safe and durable for every type of massage on your menu. Dynamic load rating is 400 lbs. The massage table package includes professional carry case, adjustable face rest and arm hammock. Click here for details.

  massage table  

Sonoma Massage Table from Living Earth Crafts   
Classic looks, sturdy, and an exceptional value, the Sonoma massage table features a solid maple table frame, manually adjustable legs with trestle base, and 3” multi-layer foam cushioning with Natursoft™ upholstery for a truly relaxing massage. Lift capacity is 800 lbs.
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  massage table  

Ellora™ Curve Massage Table from EarthLite 
With its adjustable height range from 18” to 37”, the Ellora™ Curve massage table is ADA compliant and features a curved, powder-coated steel frame with a whisper-quiet, Swiss-made electric lift actuator. On-demand table height adjustments are achieved with a tap on the sturdy foot control. The massage bed is upholstered in Natursoft vinyl and Pro-Plush Deluxe 3-layer 3” cushioning system. Lift capacity is 450 lbs. Upgrades include Tiltback and headrest.
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  massage table  

Napa Massage Table from Living Earth Crafts    
This versatile massage table is designed to adapt to multiple uses without the need for electricity. Smooth, quiet height adjustments are easily accomplished with the client on the table, with only a few revolutions of the sturdy fold-away handle. The Napa massage table features a solid maple frame with trestle base, hydraulic lifting legs operated by hand crank, and 3 1/2” deluxe foam cushioned massage bed with Natursoft upholstery. Lifting capacity 500 lbs.
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  massage table  

Aphrodite Wet/Dry Massage Table from TouchAmerica    
This massage table features a cushioned top that accommodates both massage and wet treatments. The table height adjusts for ease of client entry and working height comfort for therapist. 3 layer foam massage bed with seamless rounded corners. Pedestal table base lift uses 24V DC system for smooth, quiet movement and safety in wet environment.
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  massage table  


Stationary Face and Body Spa Table from TouchAmerica   
This spa table incorporates time-tested design and premium grades of hard rock maple with a compact grain for unrivaled strength. Infinitely-tilting back support. The massage bed features extra soft 4” foam system with prime grade chlorofluorocarbon-free foam with seamless rounded corners for smooth appearance and longer wear. Lacquered natural finish. Maximum static capacity 1000 lbs.
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  spa table  

Napa Multifunction Spa Table from Living Earth Crafts  
The sturdy, smooth-action hand crank folds out of sight on this hydraulic lift, multi-function spa table. Salon top includes 3 1/2” Deluxe Spa Foam, round corners, dual pneumatic lift back and leg tilts. Comes standard with trestle table base. Click here for details.

  spa table  


Elite Double Hot Towel Cabinet   
This hot towel cabinet features separate compartments that will hold a total of 48 regular facial towels. Maintains temperature at 160 degrees F (71 degrees C.) Click here for details.

  hot towel cabinet  

UV Hot Towel Cabinet from Taiji   
This standard-sized hot towel cabinet is a very well-made, high quality cabinet designed to keep pre-moistened towels at a constant temperature of 158 to 176 degrees F (70 to 80 degrees C). The 13 liter capacity holds approximately 18 face cloths and features UV lamp for sterilization, bimetal thermostat, 1 removable basket and a drain tray. Click here for details.

  Hot towel cabinet  


8 Head Hydro-Kinetic Vichy Shower from TouchAmerica
The Hydro-Kinetic Vichy Shower comes with standard or extended-length rainbar. This base model features 8 multi-function shower heads, an automatically adjusting thermostatic control valve to maintain water temperature, 3/4” valves and supply lines for maximum water flow, solid stainless steel retractable 72” rainbar, attached to the wall shower that converts to body blitz hose, and thermometer for visual regulation of water temperature. Click here for details.

  vichy shower  

HydroWood 7 Vichy Shower System    
The Hydrowood 7 Vichy Shower System incorporates a unique table hand crafted from exotic wood. The Arcacia Cedar used to craft this table is reclaimed and is not cut for use! This integrated vichy shower system combines the rainbar, all controls, and wet treatment table into one sleek unit. Stainless steel shower bar swings to either side for ease of entry/exit and water temperature adjustment. 7 shower heads have individual on/off and water flow adjustment. Collected from the rainforests of Northern Australia, this 100 year old reclaimed wood is dried and then carved to the shape of a mangrove leaf, then appropriately treated and sealed for wet room use. Click here for details.

  vichy shower  


Waterford Professional Hydrotherapy Tub   
The midrange Waterford hydrotherapy tub offers more jets, more power, extra-quick fill and drain, for a full complement of professional features: a hand wand for underwater massage, highly effective sanitation system, internal water heaters for consistent temperature control,  removable access panels, 20 jets powered by 2HP and 3HP whisper-quiet pumps, hi-low pressure hydrotherapy massage functions, fast fill and drain times, and the optional availability in 35 designer colors make this hydrotherapy tub an outstanding value. Click here for details.

  Hydrotherapy tub